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Tekninen paita (CZ logolla) - TDS

Tekninen paita (CZ logolla) - TDS

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Viileän kelin pitkähihainen kompressiopaita CZ-logolla. Vartalonmyötäinen, saumaton malli. 


  • Laadukas, joustava kompressiomateriaali (Polypropylene Dryarn®, Carbon Resistex® Carbon,Q-SKIN® )
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  • Saumaton

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Materiaali: 88% Polypropylene, 8% Spandex, 4% Carbon

Väri: Musta

Polypropylene Dryarn®
Dryarn® is an innovative polypropylene microfiber that guarantees high performance even under extreme. A technological and innovative tive because as strong as it is light, insulating and breathable, as well as being hygienic, ecological and wearable. One fact, revealed by laboratory tests, is the ability to sweat expulsion 167 times faster and more effective than traditional cotton. The heat-insulating capacity of the Dryarn® is unique and creates a breathable barrier that works as an insulator input and vehicle sweat to the outside. to the benefit of a healthy microclimate, conducive to our well-being, which allows the skin to remain dry and warm in the winter months, dry and cool in the summer months. An insulating ability higher than that of the wool that allows to lighten rire the number of garments to wear ensuring greater freedom of movement. The condition stable and ideal “dry” fabric inhibits advance the formation of bacteria due to bad odors, removing the risk of irritation, allergies and dermatitis. The hypoallergenic “active” and permanent Dryarn® makes it an ideal fiber for use in the medical field.
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Carbon Resistex® Carbon
Resistex® Carbon yarn is a unique technical features, consists of a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon and textile fibers. Here are the results of the tests: the first significant fact about the body temperature measured on athletes. Wearing underwear and socks Resistex® Carbon, the temperature change was found to be three times lower than that measured with the T-shirts made of 100% polyester. The exceptional breathability of the fabric allows faster evaporation of moisture. During hard training, the respiratory parameters of subjects, were favorably modified. It is in fact obtained a lowering of the oxygen needs of three liters / minute, and the respiratory quotient. The heart rate appears to be as much as 4 beats / minute lower than those wearing the shirt in 100% polyester. The concentration of lactic acid in capillary blood is about 12% less. in the light of these results we can say that the leaders Resistex® Carbon favorably affect the well-being, performance, and significantly reduce the risk of injuries and muscle tears.
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Q-Skin, Bacteriostatic Microfiber is a silver ion. This innovative fiber has unique and inimitable:
– Breathability: the sweat is expelled keeping the body dry and at an ideal temperature
– Hypoallergenic, through the use of pure silver ions.
– Hygiene and comfort: the use of silver ions prevents the growth of bacteria by keeping the skin dry, clean with a high level of comfort.
– Washing resistance and reliability: the gradual silver release, it provides high strength and resistance to washing, preserving the characteristics of the product
long time.
– Respect for the environment thanks to a system of sustainable and environmentally friendly
– Compliance with European and international standards: ions of silver, used in the production of Q-Skin ® comply with the European Union on
biocides and are registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) American.


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